Our 4 Favourite Gym Ads Of All Time

Gym advertisement examples come in all shapes in sizes. From posters and flyers to TV and Facebook ads – just about everything is available.
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Finding different ways to stand out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in a competitive market such as the gym, healthcare and leisure industry. So, how do brands stand out and what gym advertisement examples stand out from the crowd?

We’ve narrowed our favourite gym advertisement examples of all time into a nice and concise top four:

Pure Gym: Everybody Welcome TV Advert

The PureGym ‘Everybody Welcome’ ad is one of the best-known TV gym ads ever to grace our screens. Launched in 2015, the promotion features Sir Chris Hoy and many extra gym goers, all under the same roof.

With the everybody welcome attitude, the advert tends to create a friendly atmosphere and encourages everyone to step foot in Pure Gym and head to the bikes. Complete with playful transitions and catchy music, it’s hard not to like and caters to all forms of gym goer – whether you’re a pro or just starting out.

The Gym: Sorry belly, but you’re going down

Short, sweet and straight to the point – The Gym’s poster is as literal as the brand itself. ‘The sorry belly but you’re going down gym’ shows a fantastic tagline with a bit of a double meaning whereas the colours provide a warm and forgiving feel to the ad.

The company has been said to drive an emotional connection with the recent rebrand, and the advert seems to convey this. With little bubbles containing ‘no contract’, ‘24/7’, ‘high spec equipment’ and ‘£16.99 a month’, everything that you may need to know is with you in the uncluttered presentation.

Super simple and everything you need – it’s the basic approach that is sometimes the most effective.

Xercise4Less: Transformation Competition

Our favourite competition based advertisement comes from Xercise4Less with their 2018 transformation competition.

Find it both online and in the gym with the #MyYellowYear and join transformation camps to be in with a chance to win a Porsche! Motivation is motivation, even if it is in the form of a bright yellow sports car rather than feeling healthy and fit at the gym.

Not only a talking point, but it’s all over the gym too with dedicated sections within the chain dedicated to the transformation competition workouts. It’s hard to miss and a great competition with a grand prize that gets noticed with its eye-catching colours.

PayAsUGym: No Memberships TV Advert

PayAsUGym – if you’re not familiar – is an app promoting a new way to use the gym. Download the app, and you’ll be given a map of all the gyms in the area that opt into the PayAsUGym scheme. Think of it as paying a small sum every time that you go to the gym, but you’re free to use any that you want – no membership required.

That’s exactly what the recent TV ad shows, with a hectic city lifestyle – the protagonist is the perfect candidate to use the app with a busy schedule and minimal time for the gym.

The too good to be true membership scheme is highlighted well for those with a busy, travel-heavy schedule – making it perfect for the audience. Paired with clever visuals and persuading voiceover, it’s a great ad that is easy to recognise.

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