Nightclub Insurance Overview

For clubs, bars and nightclubs that operate late night, there can be a significant degree of risk for your business, and therefore specialist insurance is required to make sure your business is covered for all eventualities so you can focus on running a successful leisure business.

For late night entertainment venues, there is a lot of aspects to consider to ensure your customers receive the best possible service and that they keep returning. To ensure you receive the right insurance coverage, you need a team that fully understands your concept as a business and what you offer to your customers. At Compare My Insurance, we can search for the best quote that fits with your needs as a business and gives you the best possible value and the required coverage needed.

Not only will the highly-trained insurance executives at Compare My Insurance find you the best possible quote from a range of leading UK insurers, but they will also handle any claims you make so you can focus on running your business and rely on us to reach a fair settlement without any hassle.

At Compare My Insurance we can help you cover your buildings, contents and stock, we can also provide protection for your specific needs, including:

  • Business interruption
  • Deterioration of frozen food and stock
  • Public and employers’ liability
  • Loss of licence protection
  • Goods in transit

What is Included in Nightclub Insurance?

We can offer a range of insurance policy options for a diverse collection of late night entertainment venues such as late night bars and pubs. Just as venues can vary dramatically, so can nightclub insurance options. Policies may include aspects such as contents insurance, to protect the fixtures and fittings of your bar or pub as well as other items such as lighting, sound and bar stock. Some policies will cover the cash kept on the premises too. If you own the premise, there may be options to include building insurance, while damage from beverage and pumping systems can be covered to protect your contents from unforeseen harm.

Whether there is entertainment every night or perhaps one-off functions, it is important that your insurance policy covers high-risk activities, such as aerial performers, pyrotechnics and foam parties. Depending on your insurance requirements, you may decide to include this to an existing policy as a one-off event or choose to cover all aspects of high-risk entertainment as part of your normal nightclub insurance coverage.

It is important for all leisure venues to consider both their public and employers’ liability needs so that you are able to cover any damage or injury sustained at your premises. Depending on the nature of your business, there can be a broad range of coverage options to ensure you are completely protected and able to compensation for accidental injury suffered by anyone on your business premises.

Why choose Compare My Insurance?

  • Flexible policies designed to suit your business
  • Up To £1m Public Liability Cover As Standard
  • Low Policy Excess From Just £100
  • 9 years experience providing thousands of customers business insurance
  • We use A rated insurers to help you receive a quality of service if ever needed to claim
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