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When your business is your livelihood, it is important to protect it. Many small businesses don’t consider the insurance needed for their professional services, however, professional indemnity insurance can help to protect you and your business for ensuring that the highest quality work is maintained at all times.

Professional indemnity gives your business the confidence to conduct your work to the highest quality and with the professionalism it deserves, it also ensures the clients have peace of mind when working with you as you take pride in your business and the service that you provide.

Unfortunately, every business can be vulnerable to a claim of negligence when a client is dissatisfied, and the work doesn’t meet their expectations. Whether fair or not, having professional indemnity insurance covers claims of allegations and challenges from clients. From breaching confidentiality, copyright, or defamation, using professional indemnity insurance can help take the burden of disruption and expense away from your business.

Whether you are a sole trader, limited company, freelancer, contractor or limited liability partnership, Compare My Insurance can help to find the right level of professional indemnity cover for you.

At Compare My Insurance we can help you cover your buildings, contents and stock, we can also provide protection for your specific needs, including:

  • Business interruption
  • Deterioration of frozen food and stock
  • Public and employers’ liability
  • Loss of licence protection
  • Goods in transit

Professional Indemnity Insurance Overview


Cover is essential in the professions where clients rely on you to give precise numbers and invaluable expertise. Should anything go wrong throughout the entire lifecycle of a project with a client, they may use legal action against you. Professional indemnity can help to protect your business and your integrity with cover that protects the client, should they suffer from financial loss as a result of your work.

Accountants & Financial Advisors

For accountants and financial advisors, professional indemnity insurance can cover issues that arise from a breach of the duty of care such as giving bad advice or making an error in calculations to misrepresentation where you do not provide accurate information and infringement of intellectual property by using content without permission.


For solicitors, costly mistakes can happen, and disagreements with clients can occur which may result in legal action. To keep your business protected from the cost of claims, professional indemnity insurance can protect you from any mistakes made in your work.

Why choose Compare My Insurance?

  • Flexible policies designed to suit your business
  • Up To £1m Public Liability Cover As Standard
  • Low Policy Excess From Just £100
  • 9 years experience providing thousands of customers business insurance
  • We use A rated insurers to help you receive a quality of service if ever needed to claim
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