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Insuring a property or portfolio of properties can be complex, with so many options available to cover a range of needs, from holiday homes, beach huts, second homes, European holiday homes, foster homes, students’ houses, mobile and park homes as well as DSS referrals and tenants cover.

When you own or run a café, you want to make it as unique as you, which is why it’s important to have a tailored insurance solution that covers every aspect of your café so you can be protected with ease and focus on running your business. Whether you have a coffee shop, bistro, tea room, sandwich shop or greasy spoon, you need the right level of insurance to protect your business, your employees and your all-important customers.For every single member of the public that visits your premises, you need to ensure you have the adequate protection in place to cover your business and save you from substantial financial costs. With this in mind, it is essential that you have the right level of public liability coverage. You may also want to include legal cost and compensation cover should you have a tax investigation or an employee dispute, your business can be fully protected.

To find out more about café insurance and what level of protection your business premises needs, then call the friendly team at Compare My Insurance on 0333 344 3705 to discuss your requirements with an expert.

At Compare My Insurance, we can help you cover your buildings, contents, stock and liabilities but we can also provide protection for your specific needs, including:

  • Business interruption
  • Deterioration of stock and frozen food
  • Loss of licence
  • Goods in transit
  • Legal expenses
  • Money cover

To receive a free quote that is tailored to your café needs, then get in touch with the insurance executives at Compare My Insurance by calling 0333 344 3705 or alternatively fill in our easy contact form.

Cafes, Coffee Shop and Sandwich Bar Insurance Overview

If you prepare and sell food, then you have a risk of giving your patrons food poisoning which can lead to damage to your reputation and extensive costs. To protect your café and its livelihood then product liability is needed to safeguard your business and cover the costs should somebody suffer food poisoning as a result of your business.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

In coffee shops and cafes, the equipment you need on a day to day basis, such as a coffee machine can be expensive. Make sure the equipment is insured when your selecting your cover options. Insuring items like this can prevent you paying out of your own pocket should a claim or incident arise.

Sandwich Bar

Due to unforeseen events, such as flooding, fire or damage to your premises your business may not be able to open or run at its full capacity which can lead to a loss of earnings. With business interruption cover, you can be insured to protect your income should your premises have to close for a prolonged period of time.

Why choose Compare My Insurance?

  • Flexible policies designed to suit your business
  • Up To £1m Public Liability Cover As Standard
  • Low Policy Excess From Just £100
  • 9 years experience providing thousands of customers business insurance
  • We use A rated insurers to help you receive a quality of service if ever needed to claim
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