Unoccupied Properties Insurance Overview

An unoccupied property can pose a risk to your business. Often people forget that an unoccupied property can still suffer problems and things can still go wrong that are outside of your control.  With unoccupied property insurance, you can make sure you and your business are protected for all unforeseen risks.

Problems such as fire and flooding can be unavoidable in unoccupied properties but having the right level of insurance cover can protect your business from the cost of expensive repair and restoration work. Vacant properties also attract thieves and vandals which can lead to expensive damage repair and replacement.

At Compare My Insurance we can help you cover your buildings, contents and stock, we can also provide protection for your specific needs, including:

  • Full theft cover
  • Accidental damage cover as standard
  • Cover for contents away from the office
  • Fixtures and fittings cover
  • Loss of rent

Property Owners Insurance Overview

While unoccupied property insurance is common for residential property, there is a different requirement for unoccupied commercial property due to the security levels involved. To ensure you have the best cover that meets your commercial property requirements, speak to the experts at Compare My Insurance on 0333 344 3705.

Unoccupied commercial property

There may be many reasons why your business owns an unoccupied building, and therefore there may be many variations that need to be taken into consideration to receive the right insurance cover. To receive the best cover, insurance underwriters will consider aspects such as:

  • The length of time the property is left unoccupied
  • The security levels in place at the property
  • The use and purpose of the building
  • The reinstatement values
  • Construction and age of the building
  • Any previous claims at the property

Protect your empty premises with Compare Insurance

Due to the risks involved with empty commercial properties, there are only a select few insurers that will offer unoccupied property insurance. By choosing Compare My Insurance to find your quote, the highly-trained specialists will hunt high and low to find the best deals that give you the most suitable insurance coverage.

Whether your empty premise is a shop, warehouse, restaurant, office, storage facility, distribution centre or a mixed-use facility, we can help to find the right insurance level needed for your business.

It is important that you have adequate protection for your vacant business premises as there is a greater risk, and therefore the chance of a considerable expense to your business. To reduce the cost and keep your livelihood, use Compare My Insurance to find you a competitive price that gives you peace of mind in the event of squatters, vandals, lack of protection, fire and floods.

Claims handling

Not only will Compare My Insurance help to find you the best cover at the lowest price possible, but the experienced team will also handle any claims on behalf of your business for you. This claims handling service enables you to focus on running your business and reducing the levels of stress and hassle. With Compare My Insurance, you can be sure that your claim will be handled swiftly, fairly and easily.

Why choose Compare My Insurance?

  • Flexible policies designed to suit your business
  • Up To £1m Public Liability Cover As Standard
  • Low Policy Excess From Just £100
  • 9 years experience providing thousands of customers business insurance
  • We use A rated insurers to help you receive a quality of service if ever needed to claim
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