5 Club Night Ideas To Get People In The Door

With the threat of nightclub closures, it is essential for your nightclub to remain successful and to continue to get people through the doors.
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With UK club culture threatened, innovative and unique club nights are an excellent way to boost the scene, increase interest in your club and improve your profits. To help drum up interest and gather a crowd, here as some of the best club night ideas that can help to strengthen your nightclub and increase your numbers.

So, how do you increase the number of patrons you will get through the door, try some of these top club night ideas to get the party started.

Five of the best club night ideas

1. Club classic reimagined

If your standard club night set list has become a little tired, then it is time for it to be reimagined. Using all of the classic club tunes and the bangers that get a party started in a brand-new format. Hire an orchestra, a choir and a couple of performers with a strict set list of club tunes is a way that partygoers have never heard them before.

Using live performers is always an excellent way of drawing a crowd but for the top DJs it can become costly. Using local acts and musicians you can create your own alternative sound festival and completely reimagine the club scene but for a fraction of the price of enlisting a headliner DJ.

2. 1920s refinement

For the quieter nights on your calendar, hosting a 1920s themed evening is an excellent way to get people through the door on a school night. Enlist a couple of jazz musicians for the music and scatter a few tables complete with candles across your venue and allow people to relive the jazz age in a relaxed and refined way. You can even enlist some 1920s dancers and flapper girls to help provide subtle entertainment.

This is an ideal night for your club after a heavy night so you can take stock. While you may sell less than a big Saturday night, you have the chance to create classic cocktails with higher prices and add some delicious tapas dishes to drive up the revenue. You can even offer special offers for group booking, promising them a private booth and a bottle of bubbly.

3. Audio-visual immersion

To give your clubbers something more, host an immersive audio-visual night where guests are treated to incredible music set to an extraordinary visual display. Top DJs are making visuals much more pronounced at festivals and it is time to take the trend into your club.

If you really want to push the boat out, then create your own virtual reality concept and your clubbers can choose exactly where they want to party. This experience is undoubtedly cutting-edge and an excellent way to draw a crowd.

4. Party yoga

Another ideal club night idea as a pre-event or for a slow mid-week treat is dancing yoga. Complete with club nights and effects, a yoga instructor can take the group through their paces complete to a fantastic soundtrack. From hip-hop yoga to disco yoga the opportunity is endless and a great way to diversify your audience. If you set up the event for the early evening, you can offer participants free entry to your typical club night if they want to come back later. This is a great way to get more people through the door at an off-peak time and may help to increase turn out for your club nights too.

Offer glitter and UV paint for guests, so that they can experience yoga with a difference. Your club could be the place that makes exercise fun, hip and cool all at the same time.

5. The prisoner

Transform your club into a jail for one night while you provide orange jumpsuits for your guests or impose a prison-themed dress code. With alcohol being banned in prison, your guests need to hide their contraband from the roaming prison warden for fear of being handcuffed. You can also transform your drinks menu into prison-themed delights or simply numbering your cocktails just like The Prisoner.

With a prison theme being sparse, it is easy to create the ideal jail d├ęcor and your DJ can conjure up a clever playlist with all of the best prison-related songs. You can also liven your night up with a series of fun themed games and competitions too.

Protect your club night with insurance

While you may have nightclub insurance, some insurers will require additional coverage for specific club nights, especially if they deviate from the norm. At Compare Insurance, we can help you to find the best value insurance for your club as well as arrange any additional cover for specific nightclub events. To arrange your quote, call our team on 0333 344 3705.

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